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by Stephanie Terronez July 03, 2016 2 min read

We are so thrilled to go live with Cowhugger!  It's been an amazing journey and we have been so privileged to have had such wonderful support along the way from family and friends and the encouragement of wonderful new friends.  We are very grateful for the opportunity we had to spend a magical and inspiring morning at Farm Sanctuary to take pictures with their beautiful residents who were kind enough to model for us.

Setting up our website took a bit longer than we originally anticipated, but in the meantime we participated in a number of events and pop-ups.  How do I even begin to relate how lovely it has been to meet so many kind and wonderful people?! We've had many thoughtful conversations with those who have stopped by our booth about great vegan food, places to visit, animal sanctuaries, our shared love of dogs, vegan shoe designs and events and causes that seek to make the world a kinder, better place.  Presenting Cowhugger at events before launching our website ended up being a serendipitous experience as we have received valuable feedback from customers and have been inspired by the good will they have and good deeds they do on behalf of their fellow beings - human and animal.  Their commitment to compassion is energizing.

Our desire to create Cowhugger boutique came from the desire to promote compassion as a crucial factor in how we make decisions when it comes to fashion and function, and in our lifestyles. Beauty and style can easily be had without inflicting horror upon any animals and without exploiting people and our environment.  A cruelty-free world begins with the demand that compassion and accountability are a priority in how we make decisions and do business. 

In much the same way that the wide array of delicious vegan food options available at markets, festivals and amazing restaurants has helped people realize they do not have to miss out on taste or quality when it comes to vegan cuisine, the increase in the products created by vegan fashion designers has made it clear that you can be fashionable without sacrificing quality.  Above all, whether it be food or fashion, choosing vegan saves lives. Tens of millions of animals are cruelly slaughtered in the name of fashion every year - whether it be for fur or leather, or use in the cosmetic industry as a source of ingredients or for testing.  Considering the impact our dollars make on the direction of the fashion industry, does it not make sense to shop with compassion in mind?  Thank you for visiting us.

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