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  • The Amazing Animals & Founders of Soledad Goats

    Feb 11 2017

    Walking through the gate at the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats in Mojave, you might get the sense that it is someplace you’ve been before – i...

  • Giving Thanks

    Nov 24 2016

    This time of year can bring about so many emotions.  There is the excitement of seeing family after extended periods apart, or there can ...

  • Wrapping up Summer

    Sep 05 2016

    As the sun starts to set on this Labor Day and the three day weekend that is the tail bookend of summer, it is with a big smile and a sen...

  • Here We Go!

    Jul 03 2016

    We are so thrilled to go live with Cowhugger!  It's been an amazing journey and we have been so privileged to have had such wonderful sup...