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Savoy Belt

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I’m the Savoy leather look vegan belt with red lining. My insides are filled with recycled car tires. My front looks like faux-snake and my back is red. No one will see the red part when you wear me – that will be our little secret! This design detail was influenced by the ‘red bottom shoe’ trend that you find in women’s shoes. I am named after a famous ballroom called “The Savoy” that existed in Harlem in the early to mid 1900’s.  My buckle is nickel-free and has a satin finish. It’s nicely understated. I am a unisex belt and I will make any outfit look smashing.


Every belt manufacturer sizes belts slightly differently. Truth Belts uses true sizing, meaning, that they measure the actual size to each hole. All of their belts are sized to the second hole as shown in the diagram below.

In most cases, you should always order one size up. So, if your pants say 34”, you should order a 36” belt. But it’s always better to be safe and double-check. The best way is to measure a belt that you already have. Measure from the buckle, as shown, to the hole that you currently use. From there, find that number on the sizing chart.

26″ 25″ – 30″
28″ 27″ – 32″
30″ 29″ – 34″
32″ 31″ – 36″
34″ 33″ – 38″
36″ 35″ – 40″
38″ 37″ – 42″
40″ 39″ – 44″
42″ 41″ – 46″

If you don’t have a belt to measure, you can measure around the top of your pants where the belt loops are. Then find that number in our chart.. For example, if your measurement is 33”, you would order the 32” belt. The 33” measurement is also found in the 30” belt, but it’s always better to choose the larger size.

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