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The Slug

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Hi, I’m the Slug leather look indestructible vegan belt. I’m a very strong vegan belt because my strap is one piece of material. I’m made of a combination of polyester and vinyl fused together, which means I am pretty much indestructible. This same material is used for horses reins and harnesses, so if it’s strong enough for them, it will most certainly be strong enough for you!  I am basic, raw and masculine. If you need a heavy duty belt, I am the one for you. I am available in black and brown.

Why am I so indestructible? My insides are made from heavy grade polyester webbing. Then, a coat of thick vinyl is wrapped around me making my strap really durable, yet flexible. This combination of nylon/vinyl fusion is used for space and military organizations. So holding up your pants will be a piece of cake! And, I won’t start cracking at near the holes. I really am the one of the most durable vegan belts you have every come across! I will outlast any leather belt. Best of all, I am 100% animal friendly!

If you feel I am too wide, check out my skinny brother, the Sparrow, who is a skinny 32 mm to my 38mm width.

My buckle is from Italy and has an antique silver with tumbled finish. On the front, you’ll see my name “SLUG” embossed onto my strap. Also, my favorite saying is stamped on the back, which is “genuine non-leather”. I am made in Canada out of 100% animal friendly materials.


Every belt manufacturer sizes belts slightly differently. And every pant manufacturer sizes their pants slightly differently.  Truth Belts uses true sizing, meaning, that they measure the actual size to each hole. All of their belts are sized to the second hole as shown in the diagram below.


If you are ordering a belt with holes, please note that these belts all have 6 hole in them at are 1” apart. Here is what you need to know to choose the correct size.
1. Do not go by your pant size. Take the time to measure an existing belt that you wear. Measure from the inside edge of the buckle to the hole you use as shown below.
2. If you do not have an existing belt, measure around the top of your pants where the belt loops are and be sure to tighten the tape measure as tight as you would like your belt to be.
3. Find your measurement on the chart below. If your measurement works on 2 different belt sizes, you must decide whether you want more or less of a tail at the end. That is a personal choice.
For example, let’s say your measurement came to 37”.  According to the chart below, you could wear a 34” belt or a 36” belt. The 36” belt would have less of a tail (or excess of strap left over). Some people like this while others do not. Our recommendation is to go for the bigger size.
Please allow 3/8” for error due to improper measuring or due to the belt holes not punched in the exactly place for each belt (humans make errors).

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We ship throughout the U.S., its territories, to APOs, FPOs and to Canada.
*Please contact us for customized shipping options to other countries.

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