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Alchemy Goods

Elliott Toiletries Bag

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This upcycled travel companion is suitable for carrying all of your essential grooming and bath accessories. With an exterior constructed from durable reclaimed truck inner tube, this versatile bag is highly water resistant. Features a zipper pull made from a tube valve, a full handle loop on one end and a smaller hanging loop on the other. Fully lined interior. Markings and patterns vary widely, no two are alike. Available in Blue Jay.

Crafted from recycled bike and truck tubes, with some in recycled ad banner vinyl, these items are made for durability, water resistance and make a great statement about your commitment to going green. Each item is almost totally recycled and often bears the unique patterns and markings of its former life inside of a bike or truck tire.

  • Constructed from durable and waterproof truck inner tube.
  • Presta valve zipper pull.
  • Interior lining matches zipper color.
  • 10"(L) x 5"(W) x 4"(H)